Vancouver’s Newest Adult Playground

Launching Spring 2019


play·ground | \ ˈplā-ˌgrau̇nd

 A place where a particular group of people choose to enjoy themselves.

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play·ground | \ ˈplā-ˌgrau̇nd

Founded by two reputable Service Providers with the intention to build the playground. 


We built the foundation, the structure and the fence to keep the conventional world aT bay.

We ensure privacy and discretion so more fun can be had.

An “agency-like” experience but unlike any other agency.


The Rules of the Playground are as follows:



   Be Yourself

    Be Passionate

   Be Mindful

  Be Compassionate

   Be adventurous

   Lead with your heart

    Be respectful

     Create fun, joy, aliveness and a little weirdness


We are providing support and structure for people to explore and experience what these values are for themselves.


Our mission is to leave people experiencing their RAW beauty, living from the inside out. It’s the whole ‘live your life to it’s fullest’ phenomenon….


Get your hall pass

We are excited you are here to PLAY. We encourage you to get your HALL PASS now so when the PLAYGROUND opens you will have immediate access to our easy booking process.



Join our team of amazing women at PLAYGROUND!


“Life isn’t about finding yourself.

Life is about creating yourself.”

~ George Bernard Shaw

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