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Dakota is the dirty girl next door.
This high-spirited cutie is as sexy as she is invigorating :)
Her lust for life unparalleled and absolutely intoxicating.

Favorite Playground Activity: Being fully present in the moment & orient ourselves from there. 

Special Talents: I'll make you laugh, surely xoxo
Things I always say: "I'll tell you what feels good, I'll tell you what I like about you, I'll just validate the shit out of you :)" 

Turn Ons: Light hearts, surprises & a penchant for laughter
Turn OffsA lack of politeness

I Feel Sexiest When: When you shake in my presence.

Dream Date: It would begin with a sunset helicopter tour over the north shore mountains, followed by a meal at Forage, where we walk back to the hotel hand in hand, lightly teasing each other while building sexual tension and end with endless kisses.

Foods I could live on: Blueberries, rare grass-fed steak, & wild mushrooms. I love eating locally! 

Favorite Beverages: Grapefruit Perrier after 5 pm or black coffee before 5 pm.

Things to Spoil Me With: I love so many local boutiques that makes the city of Vancouver unique. So gift cards to local jewelers, juice companies, 8th and Main or Aritzia. 

Best way to spend a day off: I love slow mornings. I like to drink coffee while revisiting a novel, then when I'm fully awake I love to go for a morning jog & visit the sauna after. I love cooking and can take hours preparing a meal. Ideally I'd invite friends over to enjoy it with me. I'd like to finish off the day with a card game or an evening trip to the theatre.  

One Naughty Thing To Know About Me: Your excitement excites me. 







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