Playground Studios



Domino is Playground's super busty, all-natural ebony beauty. She is sophisticated, naughty and a certified trouble-maker. Domino loves to play, and we're sure you'll love playing with her dangerous chocolate curves times and again.

Favorite Playground Activity: The Roundabout (hold me tight!)
Special Talents: Songbird (singing, writing and musical instruments), Dry Humour, The Art of Seduction
Things I always say: "You know what they say..."
“You only live once"

Turn Ons: Old School Gentlemen, Adventure, Sweet Passionate Kisses, Common Passions and Dreams, A Great Leg Massage
Turn Offs: Bad Tippers (Please appreciate your wait staff, strippers, etc.)
Binge-Worthy TV: Anything with David Attenborough. I'm a planet nerd.
If I could bring 3 things to a deserted Island: A journal, a giant blanket, a glamping bell tent (is that allowed lol)
I Feel Sexiest When: I'm having deep meaningful connections with sexy individuals.
Dream Date: Holding you tight, riding on the back of your motorcycle to Whistler. We can't keep our hands off of each other. We can barely get through the spa so we order room service for dinner and stay close, warm and cozy all night. Our weekend is full of Jacuzzi time, laughter, motorcycle rides and great conversations over food. Everything just feels easy and right.
Foods I could live on: I have a sweet tooth. Candy and anything from Pure Bread Bakery are what I call heaven.
Favorite Beverages: Italian Soda, Ginger Beer, and the odd cider. 
Things to spoil me with: Shoes and experiences. Since moving to Vancouver, I would absolutely love to go on a yacht or kayaking trip.
Best way to spend a day off: Solo dates! I like to go to Granville and go see a show, stop at the market and treat myself to fish and chips and an ice cream... maybe jump on a boat if I'm feeling adventurous. Oooh, I can't forget shopping!
One Naughty thing to know about me: I take pleasure in watching you fully loose yourself in intimate moments.