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We are excited you are here to play!

  • In order for us to play safely and have everyone follow the Playground Rules we encourage you to get your HallPass ahead of time.

  • We will ask you to step into who you would like to be at Playground so be creative and choose an Alias for your Playground name!

  • This application is a one time process that will give you access to the password protected page for model’s schedules and our simple and easy booking system that will allow same day and advanced bookings. We understand privacy and discretion is imperative for everyone. Please know your information is kept private and confidential.

  • There are a couple of ways to screen and get you Hall Pass:

  • For questions please email

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Please include both the name and email address of a previous provider. NOTE: If you are new to this world and you do not have a reference from another independent provider you may use another playground member as a reference or you may write yourself a letter of reference.
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