Playground Studios


Model Application

We are always looking for sexy, smart, adventurous ladies to join us on The Playground.


As industry veterans we are striving to create an atmosphere of authenticity and aliveness within a safe structure. subsequently helping you build your personal brand and achieve success in all areas of your life.


How are we supporting you?

  • Screening: We stress an importance on thorough screening, vetting all those allowed on the playground.

    • Since we are the first point of contact….. no more “Are U Avail?” messages!

  • Bookings

    • Using a professional booking system we will coordinate all bookings to fit within your desired times with appropriate breaks.

    • We will manage all confirmation emails, no-shows, cancellations and re-scheduling.

  • Security

    • We will have a Playground Referee available during your scheduled time at Playground for check in before and after all appointments as well as handling any other questions or concerns.

  • Space

    • Discrete location, professionally cleaned, all amenities supplied, high end furnishings.

  • Advertising/Marketing

    • Advertising will be managed on a daily basis.

    • Research & Development ongoing. We strive to think out of the box and encourage your ideas.

  • Photography

    • a photo-shoot will be provided upon joining us.

  • Promoting wellness and supporting self-care

If you are interested in joining us please fill out the form below. All information is private and confidential. Please reach out if you have any other questions we have not addressed here: please allow 48-72 hours for a response from us.

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